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  • General

    The VS-A group gathers 3 companies specialized in the design of building envelope, also called façade engineering, which is a relatively recent specialization. We started in Paris in 1989 and since then, it has become more and more necessary to achieve expressive and cost-effective facades, with high quality and certified performances. We are professionals who operate independently from our suppliers or contractors.

    Today, the envelope fulfils increasing expectations in terms of comfort and energy consumption, and is designed in accordance with an increasing number of local and international regulations. Therefore, our scope of work covers not only glazed curtain-walls, but also extends to single windows, rain-screens, internal or external solar shadings, double-skin facades, building maintenance units… basically all items that establish architecturally and technically the complex relation between interior and exterior.  

    We work as designers, interacting with Architects, Developers and Contractors on all kinds of programs and building types: office buildings, luxury retail, high-rise, residential, hotels, cultural, recreational, car-parks, transport hubs, factories…

    On any of these projects, we can be appointed by Architects or Developers from competition stage up till the final completion of the work. We are sometimes appointed as jury members, conference lecturers, norm-writers, product-designers…

    We are based in France (Lille), and China (Hong Kong). We have over 40 employees with sound understanding of the local conditions of designing, tendering and building. These offices allow us to be close to our Client and their sites, even if they are located far away from each other.

    This website will give a first glance at our teams’ profile. For any additional information or specific inquiries, please feel free to contact any of our offices.

    Our added -Value

    For the Architect and the Design Team

    - Time saving by allowing the Design Team to take the right options from the beginning. This is particularly essential for highly graded sustainable buildings.

    - Providing the most appropriate, often innovative proposals for achieving challenging projects,

    - Developing potential bespoke solutions, whether of low or high tech, yet being able to achieve the design intents.

    - Providing proposals with lower technical risks.

    For the developer

    - Getting studies allowing a fair competition between contractors, leading to a better price, by doing them independent from any supplier or contractor.

    - Constructing a building complying with international standards, complying with the local and/or international codes.

    - To achieve a safe building, designed with qualitative specifications and built with appropriate quality control.

Internal organisation
  • Internal organisation
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  • Internal organisation
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  • Internal organisation

    Every project has a dedicated Project Manager and a referent Associate. The Project Manager sets up an appropriate team together with a network of our specialists.
    In order to deal with all the technical domains of building’s envelopes, we have introduced specialized poles into all of the 3 offices. Each pole develops a specific knowledge with the help of its on-going training and shared experience.
    To facilitate the management and the internal communication between the different offices, we have developed specific softwares for management, bespoke tools for calculations, standards for the deliverables, and data bases to share documentation and experience
  • SEOUL Offices
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  • Equipment

    General Softwares
    Windows XP Pro, Windows 7, Windows 8Pack Office Buisness
    MS Project
    GED (logiciel interne)
    VS-A project (logiciel interne)

    Graphic Softwares
    Pack Adobe CS5.5
    GIMP 2.8

    CAO / DAO Softwares
    Autocad 2009LT, 2011, 2012, 2013
    Revit Structure 
    Rhinocéros 5
    Solidworks professional
    Sketchup PRO

    Specific Softwares
    Pléiades & Comfie (thermal simulation)
    Oasys GSM
    Solidworks PRO + Floworks HVAC
    Forten 32
    Bisco & Trisco, Radcon 2D & 3D (2D & 3D heat lost)
    Vitrages Décisions & WIS
    Ecotect (Energy and natural lighting calculations)
    SJ Meplat

    Internally developed softwares

    Brise-soleil (use to calculate solar shading performances of blinds)
    DTU 39 (glazing)

    A3 color laser printers (x2)
    A3 black & white laser printers (x2)

    Infrared camera, anemometer, light meter, laser measure of the glazing thickness,...