Cultural center - Jacobins

Architect : BABIN RENAUD

Project details

  • Reference : 2008-030
  • Project manager(s) : Gontran DUFOUR
  • Previous project manager(s) : Nathalie SIMONNEAU
  • Client : Ville du Mans
  • Surface : 31,000 m²
  • Budget total : 70,000,000.00 €
  • Localisation : Le Mans
  • Glass : Verre ondulé - Sérigraphie
  • Programme : Museum / Cultural center
  • Work : New building

This mixt cultural program involves two opposed architectural programs as the theater is a transparent glass building and the cinema a monolithic stone one. These two building are joined by a monumental awning. The main challenge came under the implementation of a 14-meter high glass façade which is suspended at the awning frame and subjected to movements that can to up to 140mm. We designed a façade suspended by braces which follow this movement. This insulating glass on low iron gives an incredible transparency and a lightness effect to this part of the envelope.